infotxt Basic

Our InfoTXT Basic SMS solution is a GSM modem and SIM-based software where users can send and receive SMS messages via PC. It also incorporates TXT broadcasting or group texting. It comes with a Phonebook and is accessible by multiple-users over an Intranet or the Internet. An efficient and convenient alternative to telephone or email-based call centers where users read received SMS messages and sends SMS reply messages all via PC. Also suitable for marketing campaigns by sending SMS broadcast advertisements or announcements.

infotxt Bot

The InfoTXT Bot SMS solution includes all the features of InfoTXT Basic plus the ability to specify auto-reply InfoTXT content. A real Info-on-Demand solution. Based on SMS keywords sent by the requesting cellphone user, the computer automatically recognizes the keyword, retrieves the information from the built-in database, and automatically sends the requested information to the user. This information may be product details, contact details, list of branches, etc.

infotxt API

Our InfoTXT API SMS solution includes all the features of InfoTXT Bot plus the ability to send and retrieve information to/from an external web application or ODBC-compliant database. Like InfoTXT Bot, the InfoTXT API version recognizes SMS keywords and retrieves the requested information from the built-in database, an external web application (running Linux, Windows, etc.), or from an ODBC-compliant database (ex. MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.). Perfect for cross-platform SMS services.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Easy to Use / User friendly interface
  • 24x7 Automated Info On Demand feature
  • Can be customized to fit your specific requirements
  • Best value for money

Use Cases

  • SMS gateway for your business
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Information channel for clients or staff
  • Corporate communication tool
  • Remote systems administration and monitoring

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